Born in 1987 in northern Cyprus,  Olcay Gundogar was eager to learn guitar at a very young age. In his late teens he realized that music had not only become his favourite distraction, but had become the love of his life. Upon making the decision to dedicate his life to making music, he began performing live and has since then taken part in numerous projects. Alongside the various bands with whom he performed, he has participated in countless concerts, bar gigs, and festivals both in the north and south of Cyprus. Over the years, he has also become an admirable and generous musician by volunteering to perform at workshops, seminars, tribute concerts, charity events, and cultural events.

In  2011, he became the lead guitarist in the band Strange Union who released their new album “In My Head” a year later in 2012. Although he is now focusing on his own personal projects, he continues to perform with Strange Union at festivals and concerts both in Cyprus and abroad.

The Olcay Gundogar Project was officially launched in 2013. The dominating sound within the project could be described as a fusion of rock, jazz and blues. In June 2013, after publishing the first demo of five, Olcay Gundogar says, ”My path leading to the album continues, as I search within and without myself for that unique sound, the perfect fusion, and a broader vision. The search will never, should never come to an end. What is important is to make the most of what you have in order to express yourself in the best way that you can.”

The last song of the demo titled ”The Missing Dream” features Çağıl Kaya, one of the well-known and powerful voices of jazz in Turkey. Close friends and colleagues İnal Bilsel and Tolga Erzurumlu, both talented and renowned keyboard players in each’s own genre, have also featured in demos, helping to create a unique melange of style, colour, and sound.

Although it seems like Olcay Gündoğar is leaning towards a solo career, when asked about his future career plans about going solo, he responds “On stage, I perform with a trio of my band, with the audience and my angels and I would be honoured and grateful to have them by my side along the way.”

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